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Novel in Greenlandic

A novel about the fates of two Greenlandic women who live in Denmark, one of whom, Katrine, comes to a tragic end. The title in English means "Meeting on the Bus". The novel has as an important feminist significance: the main characters are women with active and complex roles. As well, both Greenlandic women followed their Danish husbands to Denmark, just like the author. Unlike the author, the characters in this story move from disillusionment to disillusionment. Mâliâraq Vebæk's novel includes reflections on the meeting of gender and racial inequalities.

The novel was translated into Danish in 1982 under the title Historian om Katrine, as well as into Russian and Sami in 1988.

Mâliarâq Vebaek, Bussimi naapinneq, Nuuk, Kalaallit Nunaanni naqiterisitsisarfik, 1981, 113p.

ISBN 9788755803572