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Biography translated into French

This book tells the life of Mini Aodla Freeman, who first grew up in the Inuit communities of James Bay in Nunavut and Nunavik, then moved in the 1950s to southern Canada: she tells her impressions of the strange land and customs of the Qallunaat, those living south of the Arctic. This extraordinary story, sometimes humorous and sometimes heartbreaking, illustrates the journey of an Inuit woman between worlds and cultures. It also accounts for changes in Inuit perceptions and communities in the 1940s and 1950s.

Translated into French.

Life Among the Qallunaat was first published in English in 1978 and has been translated into French in 1990, into German, and into Greenlandic.

Minnie Aodla Freeman, Ma vie chez les Qallunaat, LaSalle, Hurtubise HMH, coll. «Cahiers du Québec. Cultures amérindiennes», 1990 (1978), 212 p.

ISBN 9782890458413