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Anthology of stories by Greenlandic women

In this anthology in Greenlandic, whose title in English means “Navaranaaq and others: History of the Greenlandic women”, Mâliâraq Vebæk has collected various accounts of women from Greenland, in a collection based upon her collected ethnographic material, telling the lives of prominent Greenlandic women, starting with the legend of Sedna, the sea goddess, and ending with portraits of contemporary political women.

First published in 1990 in Danish under the title Navaranaaq og andre. De grønlandske kvinders historie, this anthology was translated into Greenlandic in 1996 under the title Navaranaaq allallu. Kalaallit arnat oqaluttuassartaat.

Mâliâraq Vebæk, Navaranaaq allallu: Kalaallit arnat oqaluttuassartaat, Nuuk, Atukkiorfik, 1996, 300p.

ISBN 9788755810655