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Turned towards the future of Greenland, in a "dream" that opens both to the concerns of its citizens and to the utopia of an egalitarian society, this first novel of Greenlandic literature - Sinnattugaq, first published in Copenhagen in 1914, then translated into Danish by the famous Knut Rasmussen the following year - allows today's reader to turn his gaze on the Inuit world and finally discover a voice "from the inside", which refocuses the representation on this huge Arctic island. This progressive novel claims for the Greenlanders knowledge, education, recognition. According to Karen Langgård, the author wrote this novel with a political objective, in particular towards the Danes who colonized the country: "His idea of the role of the Danes was that the Greenlanders had to collaborate with the most progressive Danes, capable of respecting them."

This book was translated into Danish under the title En Grønlænders drøm in 1915, into French in 2016 under the title Le rêve d'un Groenlandais, then into English in 2016 under the title Singagtugaq. A Greenlander’s Dream.

Mathias Storch, Singnagtugaq, Copenhagen, A. Rosenberg-ip naKiteriviane, 1914, 50 p.