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Danish translation of the novel Ukiut 300-nngornerat, first published in Greenlandic in 1931.

By reading this novel, the second of Greenlandic literature, the reader will discover the vision for the future of the Arctic in 2021 as imagined in 1931 by Auge Lynge, author born in Qeqertarsuatsiaat. According to Per Kunuk Lynge, “when reading his anticipations, some of which came true long after the publication of his novel, one cannot help but see in the author the Inuit shaman of the past, who traveled freely around the world and was able to predict the future." The vision that Augo Lynge offers us in this police intrigue between the villages and the huge frozen ice sheet is that of a technologically advanced and socially serene country, where the Inuit characters have become what Greenlanders are today: a living proof of a people who has the capacity to "adapt to one of the coldest and harshest climates of the planet" while preserving their language and their culture.

This book has been translated into French under the title Trois cents ans après. Grønlandshavn en 2021 in 2015.

Augo Lynge, Trehundrede år efter, Nuuk, Atuakkiorfik, 1989 [1931], 103 p.

ISBN 9788755805026