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English translation of the Greenlandic novel Homo Sapienne by Niviaq Korneliussen

Revealing an exceptional voice, Homo sapienne follows the life of five young people in the city of Nuuk, capital of Greenland. They experience profound changes and tell what, until now, has been overlooked: Fia discovers that she loves women, Ivik understands that she is a man, Arnaq and Inuk forgive and Sara chooses to live. On the "island of anger", where taboos are slowly breaking out, each and everyone sheds the weight of their fears.

Niviaq Korneliussen wields a raw, sensitive and untamed style. She speaks of the universal desire to be oneself, socially, intimately, confident that hearts and bodies will know how to be true.

This novel was first published in Greenlandic, and it was also translated in Danish, German, French and Czech.

Translated by Anna Halager.

This novel has been published in the United States under the title Last Night in Nuuk (Black Cat, 2019).

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Niviaq Korneliussen, Crimson, London, Virago Press, 2018, 174p.

ISBN 9780349010564