Visual artist and author born in Maniitsoq (Greenland) in 1946.
Author, historian, teacher, translator, school principal and judge, born in Nuuk (Greenland) in 1916 - died in Nuuk (Greenland) in 2015.
Greenlandic singer, actress and author born in Aarhus (Denmark) in 1979.
Writer, poet, interpreter and politician born in Ammassivik (Greenland) in 1967.
Author, environmental activist and multimedia artist born in Qaqortoq (Greenland) in 1970.
Writer born in Nanortalik (Greenland) in 1990.
Poet, professor and politician born in Aasiaat (Greenland) in 1947.
Poet, novelist and politician born in Qeqertarsuatsiaat (Greenland) in 1899 – died in Nuuk (Greenland) in 1959.
Author, translator, journalist and teacher born in Qullissat (Greenland) in 1945.
Activist, lawyer, clothing designer and musician born in Arkisserniaq (Greenland) in 1960.
Poet, translator, museum director and politician born in Sukkertoppen (now Maniitsoq, Greenland) in the municipality of Qeqqata in 1937.
Explorer and ethnologist born in Jakobshavn (Greenland) in 1879 - died in Gentofte (Denmark) in 1933.
Writer, visual artist, reindeer herder, director and museum curator born in Jakobshavn (today’s Ilulissat, Greenland) in 1925 - died in Humlebæk (Denmark) in 2008.
Pastor, writer and politician born in Manermiut (Greenland) in 1883 – died in Ilulissat (Greenland) in 1957.
Author, translator, ethnologist and journalist born on April 20, 1917 in Frederiksdal (now Narsarmijit) (Greenland) - died in Søborg (Denmark) in 2012.