Nunavik Presentation (to come) IN.

Authors IN

Poet, performer, throat-singer and curator born in Montréal (Québec) in 1975.
Playwright, writer, poet and committed essayist born in the Cape Hope Islands (Nunavut) in 1936.
Poet and hunter born in the Inukjuak region (Nunavik) in 1951 - died in Inukjuak (Nunavik) in 1984.
Hunter, artist, and storyteller born in the Nunavgirnarak winter camp (Nunavik) in 1910 – died in Puvirnituq (Nunavik) in 1976.
Author and soldier, born in the Strutton Islands (Nunavut) in 1923 – died in Uniujaq (Nunavik) in 2005.
Carver, hunter and storyteller born in Kuujjuarapik (Nunavik) in 1911 – died in Inukjuak (Nunavik) in 2007.
Political leader, author and journalist born in Tasialuk (Nunavik) in 1947.

Books IN

Children's album created from a traditional Inuit story from Nunavik
English translation of Markoosie's novel
French version of the first novel written by an Inuit from Nunavik
Translation into Hindi of the novel Harpoon of the hunter by Markoosie

Translation into Marathi of the novel Harpoon of the hunter by Markoosie

The publication of Harpoon of the hunter in 1969 marks the beginning of a new era: the first novel written by an Inuit in Canada, it symbolises a historic passage from the spoken word to a written Inuit literature. The novel, both complex and dark, plunges its reader in the violent and hostile environment that is the Arctic, in which Markoosie’s hero, confronting the death of his loved ones, resorts to suicide as his only solution.

Trilingual book of poetry by Taqralik Partridge.
New edition of the biography of Mini Aodla Freeman in English

Resources IN

Conference [in French and in Inuktitut] by Louis-Jacques Dorais on the history of Inuit Studies
Balado réalisé par les élèves de l'école Nuvviti à Ivujivik
Conference [in French] by Geneviève Lafrance on the ᐃᓄᒐᒍᓪᓕᖅ L’inugagullirq project
Podcast directed by Catherine Ego and Mathieu Lavigne on a co-creation project in Ivujivik
Essay in French by Clara Mongeon-Bourbonnais on the figure of Qallunaat in the work of Zebedee Nungak
The International Laboratory for Research on Images of the North, Winter and the Arctic is one of the most important centers of cultural expertise on the North and the Arctic.
Digital open access of articles and books on the North and the Arctic
The Northern and Arctic Studies Portal from the Institut nordique du Québec.
ᓄᓇᕕᒻᒥᐅᑦ ᐃᓄᒻᒪᕆᖏᓐᓂᒃ ᐊᐱᕐᓲᔭᕐᓃᑦ