Nunatsiavut Presentation (to come) IN.

Authors IN

Professor, researcher, curator and visual artist born in Happy Valley-Goose Bay (Nunatsiavut) in 1979.
Author, painter and violinist born in Hebron (Labrador, Nunatsiavut) in 1845 – died in Paris (France) in 1881.
Author and diarist born in Mulligan (Lake Melville, Labrador, Nunatsiavut) in 1844 – died in Nunatsiavut in 1940.
Hunter, storyteller and artist born in Nain (Nunatsiavut) in 1936.
Author, hunter, elder and political advisor born in 1910 in Salmon Bright (Nunatsiavut) and died in 2000 in Nain (Nunatsiavut).
Trapper, poet and storyteller born in Independent Harbour (Nunatsiavut) in 1904 – died in Happy Valley-Goose Bay (Nunatsiavut) in 1986.
Hunter, trapper and diarist born in Hamilton Inlet (Nunatsiavut) in 1843 and died in Hamilton Inlet (Nunatsiavut) in 1935.
Pioneer, trapper’s wife and diarist born in Mud Lake (Nunatsiavut, Labrador) in 1902 – died in Happy Valley-Goose Bay (Nunatsiavut, Labrador) in 1982.
Inuit elder, author and seamstress born in Tasiujaq (Nunavik) in 1932.
Author and Labradorian matriarch born in Hamilton Inlet (Nunatsiavut, Labrador) in 1818 – died in Mulligan River (Nunatsiavut, Labrador) in 1905, first person from Nunatsiavut to publish a book.

Books IN

Inuktitut version of the essay What is the Imagined North? Ethical Principles by Daniel Chartier
Essay by Daniel Chartier on What is the Imagined North? Ethical Principles
Memoirs of Elizabeth Goudie from Nunatsiavut
Kuujjuaq — Memories and Musings, biography of Dorothy Mesher
Biography of Lydia Campbell, the first book written by a person from Nunatsiavut
A Bibliography of Canadian Inuit Periodicals, de Sharon Rankin
Collective essay on linguistic issues in Nunanga, the Arctic territory of the Inuit
Book of photographies by Bob Mesher
French version of the essay by Daniel Chartier on What is the Imagined North? Ethical Principles

Resources IN

Conference [in French and in Inuktitut] by Louis-Jacques Dorais on the history of Inuit Studies
The International Laboratory for Research on Images of the North, Winter and the Arctic is one of the most important centers of cultural expertise on the North and the Arctic.
Digital open access of articles and books on the North and the Arctic
The Northern and Arctic Studies Portal from the Institut nordique du Québec.
Information website on Canadian Inuit Periodicals
Archives of Inuktitut Magazine