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Translation into Marathi of the novel Harpoon of the hunter by Markoosie

The publication of Harpoon of the hunter in 1969 marks the beginning of a new era: the first novel written by an Inuit in Canada, it symbolises a historic passage from the spoken word to a written Inuit literature. The novel, both complex and dark, plunges its reader in the violent and hostile environment that is the Arctic, in which Markoosie’s hero, confronting the death of his loved ones, resorts to suicide as his only solution.

Markoosie, Harpoon of the hunter [in Marathi], Mumbai, University of Mumbai, 2015 [1969], 109 p. With a foreword by Vidya Vencatesan and an introduction by Daniel Chartier. Description in French.

ISBN 9782923385204