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Essay in French

The interest and relevance of Inuit literature is found not in the number of its productions, but in the fact that it has constituted - essentially from the outside - in a symbolic institution that has value of universal experience for human beings. For the Inuit, this commitment shows how necessary it is today to speak up in writing, to convey and make known their vision of things.

Nelly Duvicq's essay is pioneering, documentary and synthetic, in the manner of the great books published by Maurizio Gatti for Québec First Nations literature in the early 2000s, which had finally aroused the interest of readers.

Most of us know little about the contemporary Inuit cultural context: this remarkable book by Nelly Duvicq must therefore be seen as an opportunity for us, readers, to understand the emergence of a literature so far little known, an opportunity set off to discover authors who reveal an unprecedented vision of the world on Nunavik, the Inuit world and the Arctic.

With a foreword by Daniel Chartier.

Nelly Duvicq, Histoire de la littérature inuite du Nunavik, Québec, Presses de l'Université du Québec, “Droit au Pôle” series, 2019, 248p.

ISBN 978-2-7605-5170-1