Nunavut Presentation (to come) IN.

Authors IN

Throat-singer, experimental musician, novelist and visual artist born in Ikaluktutiak (Nunavut) in 1975.
Playwright, writer, poet and committed essayist born in the Cape Hope Islands (Nunavut) in 1936.
Author and soldier, born in the Strutton Islands (Nunavut) in 1923 – died in Uniujaq (Nunavik) in 2005.
Political leader, author and journalist born in Tasialuk (Nunavik) in 1947.
Author and specialist in world religions, esotericism and mythology born in Southern Ontario in 1969.
Author, translator, linguist and researcher born on the northern end of Baffin Island (Nunavut) in 1953.
Illustrator, cartoonist, poet and essayist born in Nuvuqquq (Nunavut) in 1951 – died in Ottawa (Ontario) in 2007.
Visual artist and author born in Maniitsoq (Greenland) in 1946.
Author, poet and residential school survivor born on Baillie-Hamilton Island (Nunavut) in 1930 – died in Souris (Manitoba) in 2013.
Author, publisher, teacher and politician born in 1969 in Frobisher Bay (now Iqaluit, Nunavut).

Books IN

French translation of a collection of short stories by Norma Dunning.
Novel of autobiographical inspiration by Tanya Tagaq Gillis from Nunavut
French translation of the novel of autobiographical inspiration by Tanya Tagaq Gillis from Nunavut
New edition of the biography of Mini Aodla Freeman in English
German translation of Mini Aodla Freeman's biography
Stories and tales from Nunavut collected by Mark Kalluak.
Inuktitut version of the essay What is the Imagined North? Ethical Principles by Daniel Chartier
Essay by Daniel Chartier on What is the Imagined North? Ethical Principles

Resources IN

Conference [in French and in Inuktitut] by Louis-Jacques Dorais on the history of Inuit Studies
Youtube videos by Robby Qammaniq to learn inuktitut.
Short video on Aaju Peter's visit to the Université du Québec à Montréal in 2019.
The International Laboratory for Research on Images of the North, Winter and the Arctic is one of the most important centers of cultural expertise on the North and the Arctic.
Digital open access of articles and books on the North and the Arctic
The Northern and Arctic Studies Portal from the Institut nordique du Québec.
Lecture by Aaju Peter on Inuktut, the language of the Inuit, during her visit to Montreal
Information website on Canadian Inuit Periodicals
Lecture in Montréal by Minnie Aodla Freeman on her literary work
Archives of Inuktitut Magazine